Posters from the 2016 NSF AISL PI Meeting

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March 22nd, 2016

Posters presented at the NSF Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) Principal Investigators’ Meeting held in Bethesda, MD from February 29-March 2, 2016 are now available for viewing. Principal Investigators and meeting attendees displayed and discussed more than 150 posters, representing a wide variety of AISL-funded projects  during the meeting.The posters below are loosely organized by the Learning Environment where the project is centered  (Media & Technology; Public Programs; Exhibitions; etc), are connected to the associated project’s abstract and P.I. information, and are arranged alphabetically by title.

Media & Technology

Amazon Adventure

Ask Dr. Discovery

Engaging citizen foresters as local participants in a national media project

Experiments in Transmedia: Studying Techniques for Increasing STEM Content Acquisition by Young Adults

Hacking the Mind

Latina SciGirls, Promoting Middle School-Age Hispanic Girls’ Positive STEM Identity Development

National Geographic Society FieldScope: An Online Geographic Information System for Education and Citizen Science

Peep and the Big Wide World

Peg + Cat: Adventures in Learning

Peg + Cat: Early Learning of Math Through Media

SciGirls: Citizen SciGirls Transmedia and Research to Encourage Girls in STEM

Through My Window

Transmedia Museum: Increasing Learning and Efficacy about Emerging Technologies through Transmedia Engagement by the Public in Science-in-Society Activities

The Use of Mobile Applications for Informal Science Learning in Parks

Public Programs

Advancing Early STEM Learning Opportunities Through Tinkering and Reflection

Apprenticeships in Sustainability Science & Engineering Design (ASCEND)

Children Investigating Science with Parents and Afterschool (CHISPA)

Collaborative Research: Examining Engagement and Science Identity through Participation in Citizen Science

DEVISE: Developing, Validating, and Implementing Situated Evaluations

Earth Partnership: Indigenous Arts and Sciences

Embedded Assessment for Citizen Science (EA4CS)

Evolution of a Citizen Science Program: COASST Marine Debris

Examining Contextual Factors Influencing the Implementation of Projects Designed to Improve Cultural Diversity in Informal Science Education Programming (ECF)

Expanding Repertoires of Practice: Improving Informal Science Learning Experiences for Dual Language Learners

Forest Science Dialogues

The Growing YOUth! Project A Longitudinal Study of an Out-of-School Program and Underrepresented Populations

Head Start on Engineering

Improving Math Identity for Underrepresented Populations: Implementation and Impact Study of After-School Math Plus: Design

Indianapolis: City as a Living Laboratory (iCaLL); Science Learning For Resilient Cities

Interpreters and Scientists Working on Our Parks (iSWOOP) Pathways Project and iSWOOP2.0, Innovations

Making Connections: Exploring Culturally-Relevant Maker Experiences Through an Iterative, Cross-Institutional Approach

Native Universe: Honoring Indigenous voice in science museums to deepen our relationship with nature

Spotty Rain Campaign: Pathways, Players, and Partnerships for Drought Resiliency

Transforming Students’ Partnership with Scientists Through Cogenerative Dialogues

WISE Guys and Gals – Boys & Girls as WISEngineering STEM Learners


Designing Our World: A Community Envisioning Girls as Engineers

EDGE: Exhibit Design for Girls’ Engagement

Generations of Knowledge: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Science

The Hidden World of Permafrost

Innovations in Development: Community-Driven Projects That Adapt Technology for Environmental Learning in Nature Preserves

Metaphor-Based Learning of Physics Concepts through Whole-Body Interaction in a Mixed Reality Science Center Exhibit: Supplemental Project Activity

Magnetic Neighborhood: Testing an Exhibit Prototype as a Potential Evaluation Tool

REVEAL: Researching the Value of Educator Actions on Learning

Conferences, Networks, and Professional Development

The New Frontier in ISE Research: Online Affinity Spaces

Collaborative Research: An Evidence-based Informal STEM Learning (ISL) Professional Framework

Connected Science Learning: Linking in-school and out-of-school STEM Learning


Math in the Making

Multi-Site Public Engagement with Science – Synthetic Biology (The Building with Biology Project)

Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISENET)

National Living Laboratory: Creating Communities of Learners for Informal Cognitive Science Education

SCIENCES – Supporting a Community’s Informal Education Needs: Confidence and Empowerment in STEM

STEM Ambassador Program: synergistically bridging scientists with other communities

Teen Science Cafes: Opening Minds, Opening Doors

Formal/Informal Connections

Badges for College Credit (BCC): Motivating learning in informal science programs through digital badge systems

Be a Scientist!

ILETES: Informal Learning Environments and Teacher Education for STEM

Project TRUE: Teens Researching Urban Ecology

Science Fairs Under the ‘Scope


STEMLiMS: Investigating STEM Literacies in MakerSpaces

SUNY/NYAS STEM Mentoring Program Statewide Scale Up Project

Transforming STEM Learning: Curiosity Machine