New Evaluation Resources on

December 15th, 2014 recently launched a newly updated evaluation page designed to make evaluation resources more accessible to informal STEM learning professionals. The new page visually highlights resources to help both veterans and those new to the community develop evaluation plans and proposals, iteratively inform projects, and disseminate evaluation findings.

The new evaluation tab will help you:

  • Discover evaluation resources such as lists of relevant journals and newsletters, guides and handbooks, professional organizations, directories, and syntheses reports.
  • Develop an evaluation plan with an informed understanding of key evaluation components, questions, and goals, and identify strategies for reporting and dissemination.
  • Browse evaluation reports based on the learning environment (setting or medium for the program or project) and evaluation type (such as front end, formative, or summative) to understand past and current informal STEM education evaluation practice. Each evaluation report is coded based on learning environment, STEM content, audience, type of evaluation, and embedded tools and assessments.
  • Explore hot topics in evaluation through articles from the CAISE Perspectives blog, including contributions from the Building Informal Science Education (BISE) meta analysis project and discussions and tips on understanding Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) in informal settings.
  • Submit your own evaluation report to an ever-growing repository of evidence for what works for whom and under what conditions, contributed by the field.


To explore this new evaluation resource, visit