The Learning Value Of Childrens Museums Research Agenda Symposium

June 18th, 2013

As part of the Learning Value of Children’s Museums project, the Association of Children’s Museums and the Museology Graduate Program at the University of Washington are soliciting applications for an upcoming National Symposium. Symposium participants will actively engage in the shaping of a research agenda for the children’s museum field. On September 10-11 in Arlington, VA, this symposium will bring together museum staff, researchers, evaluators, and policymakers to collaboratively create the beginnings of a research agenda for children’s museums. If you are interested in attending, please apply by 5:00 PM EDT, Tuesday, June 25. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee, and 75 total applicants covering the range of stakeholder groups will be notified of their selection around Friday, July 12. Registration for the Symposium is $150 and participants are expected to pay for their own travel and lodging (the group rate at the Symposium hotel is $199 plus applicable taxes). CAISE is tracking the Association of Children’s Museums and the Learning Value of Children’s Museums project as a part of our Practice-and-Research Initiative, which explores strategies for bringing research and practice in ISE together as well as establishing categories of research that benefits the ISE field. As the agenda develops, we will seek to connect lessons learned with efforts to develop agendas and roadmaps from other ISE sectors and disseminate findings.