Announcing New REVISE Interest Group: Building Equitable Relationships

Authors: Amanda Wortman and Ivel Gontan

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The REVISE Center supports the informal STEM learning community through four key functions: 1) cultivating community, 2) raising impact, 3) supporting commitments, and 4) promoting equitable practices. To support the work of cultivating community and supporting AISL commitments, the REVISE Center works to encourage, support, facilitate, and amplify affinity (identity-based) and interest (theme-based) groups that will transform into communities of practice for change across the informal STEM education field

On June 24, 2024, the REVISE Center officially launched the first interest group, “Building Equitable Relationships,” during the Inuit Blanket Toss: A Framework for Community Strength webinar and discussion. During this session, presenters shared how Indigenous practices in the Arctic can be a model for authentic and truly transformative collaborations by distributing power and ensuring community voices are integral in crafting research agendas.

We invite the larger informal STEM education and learning community to become a member of this new interest group! Groups are open to all individuals who share a passion for informal science education, including researchers, practitioners, partners, students, aspiring professionals, and anyone interested in advancing science education. Participants of the interest group have a shared domain of interest around better understanding how to establish and maintain equitable community partnerships and relationships. This group will provide opportunities for interaction and communication between participants, with the shared goals of improving practice to advance the Informal STEM Education field.

Upcoming events for the Building Equitable Relationships interest group include:

  • July 25th at 4pm EDT: Panel discussion: What does a Successful Equitable Relationship look like?

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