Science Learning+

Science Learning+ was an open call for proposals for Planning and Partnership Grants through an international partnership between the NSF and the Wellcome Trust with the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

The aims of Science Learning+ Planning and Partnership Grants were to strengthen the research and knowledge base; bridge the practice and research gap; and/or share knowledge and experience in informal science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) experiences. Furthermore, the initiative sought to support practice-based research which falls within or across the following priority areas: understanding learning; engagement in STEM; skills development; equity; diversity; access to informal learning settings; and measurement of outcomes.

Proposals addressed at least one priority area and included: collaborations between at least one organization in the US and one in the UK/Republic of Ireland. In addition, the proposals included a substantive research program, not solely a public engagement activity; genuine partnerships between researchers and practitioners of STEM engagement; experts from more than one STEM area; and more than one informal STEM learning location, platform, or environment. Proposers submitted a single, comprehensive proposal with two budget components, one for US activities and one for UK/Republic of Ireland activities, to NSF.

View the Science Learning+ Partnership Grants solicitation. 

There is not a current open solicitation.

Partnership Awards (2017)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and UK-based Wellcome Trust have announced the funding of five new projects through the Science Learning Plus (SL+) program. The projects will help to increase understanding of how informal science learning activities affect children and young people’s enjoyment and understanding of science. All five are collaborative partnerships between organisations in the UK and the USA, and between teams with expertise in research and expertise in leading informal science learning activities.

To learn more about the newly funded projects, visit the abstracts below:

Planning Grant Awards (2014)

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