Surrounded by Science: Learning Science in Informal Environments

March 3rd, 2010 | RESEARCH

Based on the National Research Council study, Learning Science in Informal Environments: People, Places, and Pursuits, this book is a tool that provides case studies, illustrative examples, and probing questions for practitioners. In short, this book makes valuable research accessible to those working in informal science: educators, museum professionals, university faculty, youth leaders, media specialists, publishers, broadcast journalists, and many others. Practitioners in informal science settings--museums, after-school programs, science and technology centers, media enterprises, libraries, aquariums, zoos, and botanical gardens--are interested in finding out what learning looks like, how to measure it, and what they can do to ensure that people of all ages, from different backgrounds and cultures, have a positive learning experience.


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Team Members

Marilyn Fenichel, Author, National Academy of Sciences
Heidi Schweingruber, Author, National Academy of Sciences


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Identifier: 0-309-13674-1

Publication: Informal Environments for Learning Science


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