Principal Investigator’s Guide: Managing Evaluation in Informal STEM Education Projects (PI Guide)

October 1st, 2011 | RESEARCH

The Principal Investigator's Guide: Managing Evaluation in Informal STEM Education Projects (PI Guide) is designed to help principal investigators and other leaders of informal STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education projects integrate evaluation into all phases of project design, development, and implementation. Such projects include exhibits, media projects, websites, community science projects, afterschool programs, festivals, family activities, online games, citizen science projects, and other efforts to help people learn about science in the course of their everyday lives.



Team Members

Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education, Author
Rick Bonney, Editor, Cornell University
Kirsten Ellenbogen, Editor, Great Lakes Science Center
Leslie Goodyear, Editor, Education Development Center
Rachel Hellenga, Editor, Hellenga Consulting
Jessica Luke, Editor, University of Washington
Mary Marcussen, Editor, Marcussen & Associates
Sasha Palmquist, Editor, Institute for Learning Innovation
Tina Phillips, Editor, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Lauren Moreno (Russell), Editor, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Saskia Traill, Editor, TASC
Steven Yalowitz, Editor, Audience Viewpoints Consulting

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