The Contribution of Natural History Museums to Science Education

March 17th, 2016 | RESEARCH

This is a report of a project titled ‘The Contribution of Natural History Museums to Science Education’, funded by the Wellcome Trust and ESRC with a Phase 1 grant from the Science Learning+ initiative. The project explored how Natural History Museums (NHMs) and schools can complement one another to maximise learning among school-age learners, and researched the long-term benefits to learning and engagement with science that NHMs can provide. During the course of our work, our team, which consisted of museum professionals and academics in the UK and the US, worked in the UK and the US with practitioners in NHMs and with school teachers and students. Our conclusions, as summarised in this Executive Summary, fall into two areas, one to do with the provision by museums of learning experiences for students, the other to do with how NHMs assess the effects of their provision. While our focus
is on NHMs, a number of our conclusions apply more generally.



Team Members

Michael Reiss, Author, UCL Institute of Education
Berry Billingsley, Author, University of Reading
E. Margaret Evans, Author, University of Michigan
Richard Kissel, Author, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
Martin Lawrence, Author, Natural History Museum, London
Menaka Munro, Author, Manchester Museum
Tamjid Mujtaba, Author, UCL Institute of Education
Mary Oliver, Author, University of Nottingham
Jane Pickering, Author, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture
Richard Sheldrake, Author, UCL Institute of Education
Chia Shen, Author, Harvard University
Janet Stott, Author, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Dean Veall, Author, UCL Grant Museum of Zoology


Funding Source: Wellcome Trust
Funding Program: Science Learning +

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The Contribution of Natural History Museums to Science Education


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