Connecting Urban Families With Environmental Science

January 16th, 2018 | RESEARCH

This brief discusses the PLUM LANDING Explore Outdoors Toolkit, a new set of free, public media resources designed to help informal educators and parents infuse science learning into outdoor recreation. Developed by trusted media producer WGBH in partnership with researchers at Education Development Center (EDC), the Toolkit aims to get children (ages 6–9) from low-income, urban communities outside so they can explore the environment around them while debunking the myth that nature is something that only exists beyond city limits.


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Team Members

Marion Goldstein, Author, Education Development Center
Elizabeth Pierson, Author, Education Development Center
Jamie Kynn, Author, Education Development Center
Lisa Famularo, Author, Research Matters


Identifier Type: ISSN
Identifier: 2475-8779

Publication: Connected Science Learning
Volume: 5

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PLUM RX: Researching a new pathway for bringing active science exploration to urban families


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