Communicating Controversy: Science Museums and Issues Education

January 1st, 1995 | RESEARCH

This report grew out of work by the Issues Laboratory Collaborative, in which five science museums joined together to investigate effective ways to present issues in science and technology and to share what they learned with other centers. Each member developed and evaluated a presentation that explored various aspects of the same topic: global climate change. ILC museums were: Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC; The Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia; Museum of Science, Boston; Orlando Science Center; and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland. An appendix to the report presents results of a three-site study.



Team Members

Ann Mintz, Co-Principal Investigator, Franklin Institute Science Museum
Minda Borun, Co-Principal Investigator, Franklin Institute Science Museum
Margaret Chambers, Evaluator, Franklin Institute Science Museum


Identifier Type: ISBN
Identifier: 0-944040-40-3


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: MDR-9153964

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