CAISE Media Initiative Outcomes

July 1st, 2011 | RESEARCH

An important outcome for the CAISE Media Convening was to identify and prioritize critical issues faced by ISE media producers, and then develop a set of shared objectives around which we could collectively begin to organize ourselves. Participants clearly identified needs such as wanting to learn more about each other's projects, building a better evidence base to articulate the impacts and value of ISE media, and the need to bring more young professionals into the community. Some suggested we should think more deeply about audiences and experiment with engagement strategies. Others strongly advocated for more innovative uses of social media technologies to reach underserved, niche, and networked learners. After two days of lively conversation, convening participants settled around three areas of action with some initial assignments. Below is a summary of these action areas and suggested next steps, several of which included planning for the 2012 PI Meeting March 14-16 in Washington, DC.



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Sue Ellen McCann, Co-Principal Investigator, Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education


Funding Source: NSF

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