Water: H20 = Life

September 15th, 2005 - August 31st, 2009 | PROJECT

The Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) will develop "Water Planet," a 5,000 square foot traveling exhibit, web site, and associated programs focusing on the new and evolving field of Earth system science. It will apply the dynamic technologies of "Science-on-a-Sphere," " Digital River Basin," and "GEO-Wall II" to engage museum visitors in the processes by which water mediates many interactions among the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryoshpere, biosphere and geosphere. Through these techniques, it will explore the potential of using large satellite and ground-based datasets, computermodeling, simulations and visualizations to increase public understanding of Earth system research. Scientific collaborators include the National Center for Earth System Dynamics (Universiy of Minnesota, Twin Cities); Center for Advanced Materials for Purifiction of Water with Systems (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana); and Sustainability of Semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas (University of Arizona, Tucson). BROADER IMPACTS: "Water Planet" will reach some three million people, with a focus on local water conservation and pollution issues and the way the entire planet functions. In addition, through collaboration with the University of Connecticut Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officers (NEMO) program, the exhibition will help educate local government officials at exhibition venues. SMM also will partner with the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College Headwaters Science Center for educational outreach programs. These applications of scientific visualization technology and lessons from this project will be shared with the science museum at large through a web site created for this purpose and other forms of professional dissemination.

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Project Products

Water Exhibition Image Testing
Summative Evaluation Water: H20 = Life
Exhibit Files Case Study

Team Members

Patrick Hamilton, Principal Investigator, Science Museum of Minnesota
Roberta Cooks, Co-Principal Investigator, Science Museum of Minnesota
Douglas Johnston, Co-Principal Investigator, Science Museum of Minnesota
Gary Woodard, Co-Principal Investigator, University of Arizona
Paul Morin, Co-Principal Investigator, University of Minnesota


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 0515599
Funding Amount: 2399989


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Discipline: Geoscience and geography | Technology
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