The Shape of Life

February 1st, 1999 - September 30th, 2002 | PROJECT

The Shape of Life is a major new documentary series that will take viewers on a journey to explore the kingdom of animals through the blueprints or body plans that shape every species alive today. Each episode will incorporate current advances in genetics, developmental biology, and evaluation, presenting them in a manner that is accessible to the lay audience. The series has been developed by the Sea Studios Foundation and is a co-production of Sea Studios Foundation and National Geographic Television. The eight, one-hour television programs will be supported by a consortium of informal science institutions that will implement ancillary programs in partner museums, zoos, and aquaria and by outreach materials, including print and a web site. Mark Shelley, President of Sea Studios, and Nancy Burnett, CEO of the Sea Studios Foundation, will be co-Executive Producers of the series. Chuck Baxter, Professor of Biology at Stanford University, will be the Science Content Director. Science advisors include: Richard C. Brusca, Marine Biology Graduate Program, University of Charleston; Mimi Koehl, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley; Jane Lubchenko, Department of Zoology, Oregon State University; Rudolf A. Raff, Indiana Molecular Biology Institute; and Dennis Willows, Director, Friday Harbor Marine Station, University of Washington.

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Summative Evaluation Of The Shape of Life Series With An Adult Audience

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Mark Shelley, Principal Investigator, Sea Studios Foundation


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 9814957
Funding Amount: 3068543


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