“Dropping Science” – Hip Hop Interactive

September 1st, 2021 - March 31st, 2023 | PROJECT

The  McWane Science Center (MWSC) will create a new exhibition experience entitled “Dropping Science: Hip-Hop Interactive” that will capture the elements of the popular music genre using interpretive experiences. Project activities include exhibit content development; development of a formal evaluation plan; exhibit prototyping; remedial evaluation, and a final exhibit design plan. An important project goal is to develop the process for creating lasting, reciprocal relationships with the local African American community and throughout the region, thus creating an exhibit space that connects underrepresented audiences to STEM and establishes MWSC as a true community partner. The outcome of this project will be a new interactive experience that was co-developed with and representative of MWSC’s local community that helps MWSC connect with and engage local visitors in science through a more culturally and personally relevant lens.

Project Website(s)

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Team Members

Erik Lizee, Principal Investigator, McWane Science Center


Funding Source: IMLS
Funding Program: Museums for America
Award Number: MA-249379-OMS-21
Funding Amount: $221,740


Access and Inclusion: Black | African American Communities | Ethnic | Racial
Audience: Evaluators | General Public | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Art | music | theater | General STEM
Resource Type: Project Descriptions
Environment Type: Exhibitions | Museum and Science Center Exhibits