Participate In The Museum Practitioner Stories Survey

July 24th, 2015

Researchers Jill Hohenstein and Theano Moussouri are writing a book on learning in museums for students and practitioners and want to include stories in each of their chapters that are based upon problems faced by practitioners in real life. CAISE is helping them reach out to the informal STEM learning community with this request:

Have you ever wondered about how theory and research about learning can help work in practical settings like museums and other informal learning institutions? We are interested in learning in these types of institutions. And we are writing a book about how theory can be used in different situations in informal learning institutions. One thing we would like to make sure we are able to do is to include practical settings in the way the book is organised. So we need your help thinking about problems and issues that you have encountered in informal learning situations. Please take part in a survey to help us to create practical scenarios for our book that are based in real-world issues. The more information you can give us about your situation and a problem you have faced, the more helpful it is likely to be in setting the scene for a chapter in our book. We will not identify you in the book in any way unless you would like to be identified.


To learn more about the survey and to take part, please follow this link.