OPMS Baseline Surveys To Open In June For NSF AISL Grantees

June 19th, 2013

The Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) program’s Online Project Monitoring System (OPMS) is an online system that obtains information about the activities and accomplishments of AISL-funded projects. The OPMS is composed of a series of online surveys that Principal Investigators complete at different points in time during their grant award period. In late June, the OPMS Baseline Survey will open for all Broad Implementation, Full-Scale Development, Research, and Connecting Researchers and Public Audiences (CRPA) projects awarded in Fiscal Year 2012. AISL OPMS

The OPMS is specifically tailored to collect information about AISL grants. To this end, the system is structured to collect information about the overall project, as well as specific details about the products, programs, and experiences (or deliverables) the project is funded to produce. At the project level, the OPMS collects information about the lead organization, the roles and contributions of both key personnel and organizational partners, the design of the formative and summative evaluations, and overall project accomplishments. At the deliverable level, the system obtains a considerable amount of information for each public and professional deliverable entered into the system—including the number of participants reached by a given deliverable, specific population types targeted, the content the deliverable is designed to communicate, and the impacts the deliverable has on the intended audiences.