One Sky Institute Rethinking “Broadening Participation” for Public Engagement with Science

October 10th, 2017

The One Sky Institute is a professional learning community that supports and builds the next generation of leadership in broadening participation work through public engagement, community engagement, and informal science education programs. The Institute’s goal is to expand and connect the community of professionals committed to developing more inclusive, responsive, and relevant efforts to broadening participation among groups that have been historically excluded from STEM learning opportunities based on race, class, gender and other social categories. 
Participants will deepen their engagement with research, practice, and theory relevant to broadening participation, building a critical language around what broadening participation means or could be. They will expand their social networks and mentors to include people with a similar commitment to rethinking broadening participation. They will learn to design programs that can advance both research and practice in broadening participation.
Cohort members will participate in a 3-day workshop in early spring 2018, attend webinar sessions hosted by Institute faculty, develop and implement a mini-pilot project in their home organization or program, and attend the 2019 AERA conference. All travel costs and stipends to support mini project development are funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Applications are due by December 10.
For more information, and to apply, visit