NSF Candidate Search – Assistant Director for Education and Human Resources (AD/EHR)

November 30th, 2017

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is initiating a national search for the Assistant Director for Education and Human Resources (EHR). We seek your assistance in the identification of visionary candidates to lead the Directorate during the coming years. Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy served in the position from 2011 through 2016, with Dr. James Lewis serving as the acting Assistant Director since January 2016 as Dr. Ferrini-Mundy accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation. During their tenures, they have worked with EHR colleagues on new initiatives that span formal and informal education from preschool through adulthood, with emphasis on expanding NSF’s investment in research to advance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and workforce development. In particular, EHR has supported efforts to revolutionize STEM education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Hispanic-Serving Institutions. The Directorate also has worked in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education and the White House Office of Science and Technology on a variety of initiatives. The next Assistant Director will have similar opportunities to shape the future of STEM education and workforce development as well ensure that EHR is a key participant across the Foundation’s science and engineering portfolio.

Please send your recommendations, including any supporting information that you can provide, to the AD/EHR Search Committee via email (ehrsrch@nsf.gov) or at the following address: National Science Foundation, Office of the Director, Suite W-19100, 2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22314. We would appreciate receiving your recommendations by Monday, January 22, 2018.

Learn more about this job opportunity on the NSF website.