New Research And Practice Collaboratory Website

April 18th, 2014

Research and Practice Collaboratory has launched a new website and we invite you to visit, sign up for the forthcoming newsletter, comment on useful resources, and send early feedback through the site’s contact link.

The Research+Practice Collaboratory is an NSF-funded project funded to address the challenging gap between research and practice in STEM education across both formal and informal settings. Led by researchers from the Exploratorium, Education Development Center Inc., University of Colorado, TERC, Inverness Research, and University of Washington, the Collaboratory is experimenting with novel arrangements that better connect research and practice as well as build new relationships between researchers and practitioners.

The site will focus on resources related to Design Based Implementation Research and four focal areas: STEM Practices, Learning Across Settings, Interactive Technologies and Formative Assessment. It already hosts useful videos, blog posts, and interesting collections of research tools. We invite you to explore.

The Research and Practice Collaboratory is engaging STEM researchers and practitioners in the several ways. These include:

  • Supporting researchers and practitioners to create new forms of research and design partnerships through webinars, conference workshops, and providing resources for conducting local partnerships.
  • Designing and testing research practice partnerships in STEM improvement efforts where we hope to create new insights and resources for the field.
  • Creating new tools for both researchers and practitioners. Examples of new tools will include two page research briefs and practice briefs that are intended to assist busy professionals engaged with implementation of STEM Practices and to consider how to better support learning across settings.


Learn more about the Collaboratory’s work in Learning Across Settings.