Art + Science (AS.IF) in the Field Residencies

See if you can spot the Yellow House from across the road

January 1st, 1970

AS IF Center is a hybrid — something between a biological field station and an artists community. We hope you will be inspired by our biologically diverse region, dark skies, sites of geological interest, community of hundreds of artists, and tranquility. Our community has welcomed writers, sculptors, entomologists, herpetologists, installation artists, musicians, dancers, geologists, painters, ethnobotanists, physicists, storytellers, and others. What will you make of it?

Residencies in 2018:
This year, art-science residencies are available for one four weeks, from March through October. Residencies are open to artists who wish to work in science, scientists who wish to work in the arts,  artist-scientists who work across those disciplines, and artist-scientist teams who wish to collaborate. Applications for our general residency program will be reviewed within one month of receiving them.

Synergy with other art-science workers:
Because this is a new program, your 2018 residency may or may not coincide with other art-science workers. Eventually, we will structure residencies so that we ensure a critical mass of artists and scientists will be working in parallel. For now, a good way to brush up against other artists and scientists when you’re here is to check our calendar so that you can schedule your residency when others are here.

Art media and scientific disciplines:
The work spaces are for general use, not outfitted for any particular media or lab work, but we have a lot you can play with. For work in art media, we have a ceramic studio right next door, a wood shop up the road, and hundreds of studios in the area who might have what you need. For scientific work, we have a lot of field collecting equipment, glassware, a microscope, lots of field guides, and sundry supplies. Take a look at our facilities, and if you think you can work here, you are welcome to apply. If you don’t see what you need but you’d like to come anyway, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.