Announcing The New And Improved InformalScience.Org

January 12th, 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Based on feedback from our users, the new site features a number of significant improvements, including responsive design for mobile, simplified account management, and advanced search options allowing users to explore the collection via multiple filters such as date, learning environment, contributor, and many more.

Current site members will need to update their passwords to access the new To request a new password: 

  1. Visit and enter in your email address associated with your account and fill out the simple math question.
  2. An email from will be sent to your inbox with a one-time link to follow in order to login and reset your password.

  3. After you click on the link from the email, click on the LOGIN button.

  4. From there, you will be taken directly to your member profile account page. Please update your password.

  5. While you are updating your password, you may also want to fill out more information about yourself, like:

    1. ​Adding a headshot

    2. Uploading your CV

    3. Selecting your Institution Types, Disciplines, and Research and Evaluation Instruments of choice

Please contact us at if you need further assistance.