AEA & Moore Foundation Request Feedback for Webinars

May 2nd, 2018

Feedback Needed: AEA and The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Evaluation Webinar Series

The American Evaluation Association, with support from The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, will offer a series of professional development webinars in 2018 focused on some of the most gripping and relevant topics facing evaluators, the evaluation profession, and evaluators producing evaluations funded by philanthropic foundations. In curating these special offerings, they would like your input on the planned topics and recommendations for future webinars as well as recommendations for global expertise in these areas. Please share what you would like to learn from these topics and/or how you have addressed these challenges in your work as evaluators. In addition, they’d like to get your ideas for other salient topics you wish to explore for future webinars.

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Please recommend specific thought leaders who would make excellent presenters in each of the topics or proposed additions. Recommended presenters should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and background in the topics. If you would like to submit additional ideas, please include in the ‘Other Ideas’ section. Your thoughtful and valuable discussion/feedback will inform the creation of these upcoming offerings. These webinars will be free of charge and open to the public as a resource to all evaluators. 

Please provide all feedback no later than Wednesday, May 16, 2018

For questions, contact Zachary Grays at