AEA Call For Internship Host Sites

March 27th, 2014

Informal institutions now have a unique opportunity to work with future leaders in the evaluation field. The American Evaluation Association (AEA) is currently seeking host sites for their Graduate Diversity Internship (GEDI) Program. Host sites provide meaningful evaluation project work and mentoring to interns. Hosting a GEDI is a unique opportunity to help build the future of evaluation through fostering the professional growth of an intern from a background under-represented in the field.

Interns work two days per week, September through June. Finalists are selected by an advisory team based on the applicant’s capacity and interests as well as the needs of the site. Sites then interview and select from the most qualified candidates in their region. Host site obligations include:

  • Providing a meaningful evaluation internship experience
  • Identifying a staff member with significant evaluation experience to serve as an on-site mentor
  • Paying directly to the intern the $8,000 stipend and to AEA the $10,000 program participation costs

Visit the GEDI website to learn more about the internship and applying to serve as a host site. Email Gail McCauley by Wednesday, April 16th to discuss this unique opportunity to build the future of evaluation and work with future leaders in the field.