Broadening Participation Task Force

Critical perspectives on broadening the participation of underrepresented groups in STEM and ISE.

As part of the charge from the National Science Foundation, under the Advancing Informal STEM Learning program (DRL-1612739), CAISE explored opportunities for synergy among those who conduct and/or study informal STEM learning (ISE) and science communication and public engagement activities (SciComm).

About the Task Force

This task force identified critical issues, gaps, and possibilities within existing ISE and SciComm efforts to broaden participation in STEM. The goal was to produce tools and findings to equip professionals with tools for strengthening relevant practice in order to better position the fields as essential partners in community or statewide efforts.

The task force, with the help of 13 other contributors, created a toolkit to support professional development. This toolkit can be used by organizational leaders and staff trainers to plan and lead reflective discussions about current practices, with an eye to developing goals, strategies, and priorities that can make your work more inclusive. 

Task Force Leadership

Task Force Members

  1. Raychelle Burks, Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry, American University
  2. Marc Lesser, Vice President of Research & Technology, National Academy Foundation (NAF)
  3. Nancy Maryboy, Founding President & Executive Director, Indigenous Education Institute
  4. Dale McCreedy, Vice President of Audience & Community Engagement, Discovery Center at Murfree Spring
  5. Sunshine Menezes, Executive Director, Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting and Clinical Associate Professor of Environmental Communication, University of Rhode Island
  6. Nichole Pinkard, Associate Professor and Director of the Office of STEM Educational Partnerships in the School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University
  7. Christine Reich, Vice President of Exhibit Development and Conservation, Museum of Science, Boston
  8. Bruno Takahashi, Assistant Professor of Environmental Journalism and Communication, Michigan State University
  9. Bhaskar Upadhyay, Associate Professor of Science Education, University of Minnesota
  10. Danielle Watt, Director, Office of Biomedical Graduate Research, Education and Training (BGREAT), University of Minnesota Medical School

Other Contributors

  1. Olivia Ambrogio, Manager, Sharing Science, American Geophysical Union
  2. Micaela Balzer, Director of Innovation and Learning, Impression 5 Science Center
  3. Daniel Birmingham, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Colorado State University
  4. Ann Hernandez, Education Leadership Program Manager, Space Center Houston
  5. Jameela Jafri, Project Director, Project Exploration, Chicago, Illinois
  6. Breanne Litts, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Utah State University
  7. Rabiah Mayas, Vice President of Education and Guest Experience, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
  8. Ricarose Roque, Assistant Professor, Information Science, University of Colorado, Boulder
  9. Tony Streit, Managing Project Director, EDC
  10. Edna Tan, Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Higher Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  11. Eli Tucker-Raymond, Research Associate Professor, Boston University
  12. Korie Twiggs, Community Manager, Industrial Designers Society of America
  13. Jory Weintraub, Science Communication Program Director, Science and Society, Duke University


  1. Michelle Choi, Task Force Project Manager, CAISE
  2. Melissa Ballard, Communications and Community Manager, CAISE
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This material is supported by National Science Foundation award DRL-2229061, with previous support under DRL-1612739, DRL-1842633, DRL-1212803, and DRL-0638981. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations contained within are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF.

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