We’re Hiring a Project Manager

CAISE Square

August 19th, 2019


The Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) is looking for a Project Manager to join our Washington, DC-based team. 

Note that we are also hiring a Senior Manager of Community and Communications Coordinator.  Learn more about our recent team transitions.

CAISE is based at the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) in Washington, DC. The position is full-time, 40 hours per week and is funded through August 31, 2021. The salary range is $50,000–$65,000 per year, contingent on experience and qualifications. ASTC offers employees a comprehensive benefits package including health, dental, disability, and life insurance, and an employer-funded retirement plan. 

Download a PDF of the job description.

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit a resume and brief cover letter outlining their qualifications and interest in the position to caise@informalscience.org by close of business, September 3, 2019. See specific requirements and preferred qualifications below. If CAISE determines that you might be a good fit for the role, we will contact you with next steps.

Please put both documents into a single PDF, with your full name and position title in the filename.

If you need assistance or accommodation in the application process due to a disability, you may call us at (202) 783-7200 or email us at info@astc.org.

About ASTC and CAISE

ASTC is a network of 700+ science and technology centers and museums, nonprofits, companies, and other organizations focused on increasing public understanding of—and engagement with—science and technology among people of all ages. ASTC member organizations welcome more than 110 million people each year in 50+ countries where they engage the public in a wide array of scientific and technical topics, including physical, biological, natural, and social sciences; engineering; mathematics; technology; and trans-disciplinary problem-solving. ASTC includes a wide breadth of science and technology centers, natural history museums, children’s museums, nature centers, aquariums, planetariums, zoos, botanical gardens, and other organizations that share a commitment to supporting lifelong science learning, connecting science and society, engaging diverse communities, and partnering to tackle global challenges.

The Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) is an ASTC project dedicated to advancing the fields of informal science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education (ISE) and science communication by supporting and building on the rich diversity of projects supported by the Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) program of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Under a cooperative agreement with NSF funded through August 31, 2021, CAISE provides infrastructure, resources, and connectivity to practitioners, researchers, evaluators, and other professionals working in learning environments that include science centers and museums; zoos and aquariums; science media; youth, citizen science, and community programs; public libraries; festivals and events; cyberlearning and gaming; and a growing variety of other environments.

The CAISE leadership team consists of a principal investigator (PI)/project director based at ASTC in Washington, DC, co-PIs from three academic institutions, and an evaluation firm. CAISE activities include coordinating the work of three task forces, planning and hosting 30–50-person convenings, and organizing biennial 250–300-person PI meetings. These activities are designed to facilitate discussion and identify needs and opportunities for those who design, research, or evaluate informal STEM learning and science communication experiences and settings. A major effort is to collect and curate project descriptions, research literature, evaluation reports, and other resources on InformalScience.org. CAISE also tracks, participates in, and documents field-wide initiatives, and engages in a variety of communication, outreach, and field-building efforts.

About the Position

The CAISE Project Manager is primarily responsible for managing project budgets, timelines, and meetings and ensuring compliance with NSF and ASTC policies and reporting requirements. Responsibilities include overall project, financial, and file administration; meeting and event coordination; contributing to the collection and curation of InformalScience.org’s digital repository; and communications support.

The position involves approximately 20% project management, 30% administration and financial management, 25% meeting and event coordination, 10% digital repository support, 10% communication and outreach, and 5% other activities as required. Periodic travel (2-3 times per year) may be required.

The Project Manager reports directly to the CAISE Project Director and works closely with the Senior Manager of Community and Communications Coordinator. All CAISE staff are full-time employees of ASTC and contribute to the success of the full ASTC team and organization. CAISE staff salaries are 100% supported by NSF as a part of the current cooperative agreement that is funded through August 31, 2021.


Project Management (20%)

  • Coordinate the production of interim and annual reports to NSF by creating and managing a timeline, drafting outlines and refining text, working with staff and co-PIs to submit content, and working with the accounting and finance team to produce the financial reports.
  • Manage staff and external contributors to produce CAISE’s annual Year in Informal STEM Education report.
  • Oversee, review, and revise the re-organization of CAISE’s digital file management within Google Drive to ensure that historical and future documents are appropriately named and filed.
  • Implement meeting follow-up, such as assigning staff tasks using CAISE project management software, scheduling follow-up meetings, etc.

Administration and Financial Management (30%)

  • Manage and track budgets for the overall project and ensure compliance with NSF and ASTC fiscal policies and reporting requirements.
  • Process honoraria and expense reimbursements for all project meetings, convenings, and workshops.
  • Manage and negotiate subawards and contracts with vendors and co-PIs, and approve and submit invoices from vendors, contractors, and co-PIs to the ASTC accounting office in a timely fashion.
  • Coordinate with the ASTC accounting and finance team to generate financial reports for NSF, in accordance with NSF policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate the submission of budget reallocation requests to NSF, as needed.
  • Develop the CAISE budget for the annual budgeting process and mid-year re-forecasts, as part of ASTC’s regular financial processes.

Meeting and Event Coordination (25%)

  • Schedule, facilitate, and document CAISE weekly staff meetings, weekly co-PI meetings, and occasional meetings with NSF AISL program directors.
  • Develop a management plan, timeline, and budget for the 2021 NSF AISL PI meeting. (This is a major activity that will expand significantly during the time leading up to the meeting.)
  • Coordinate and provide staff support to implement CAISE’s presence at ASTC’s Annual Conference.
  • Coordinate logistics and attendee travel for CAISE convenings, workshops, and in-person meetings, and provide on-site support as required.

Digital Repository Support (10%)

  • Contribute to cataloging efforts for InformalScience.org’s digital repository during high-volume submission times, working with the Digital Librarian (contractor).
  • Manage contracts and vendor relations with EBSCO, the provider of our research database.
  • Analyze and report on digital repository and EBSCO database usage.

Communication and Outreach (10%)

  • Assist the Communications Coordinator and Senior Manager of Community in preparing the CAISE monthly newsletter, creating and adding content to the calendar and website, and providing technical support during live webinars.
  • Represent CAISE and ASTC at meetings, conferences, and events as required.

Other (5%)

  • Contribute to the use of efficient processes and clear communications across the organization to ensure that day-to-day operations are performed with the highest levels of accountability, productivity, consistency, and integrity.
  • Participate in ASTC staff meetings, events, annual conference, and other activities.
  • Carry out other duties as assigned, time permitting, and as mutually agreed upon.

Experience and Skills

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the essential functions of the position.


  • Experience managing or coordinating multiple projects.
  • Experience managing, reviewing, and revising budgets.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience planning, convening, and documenting workshops, meetings, or conferences.
  • Experience with Google Drive applications, including Docs and Sheets.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word and Excel.
  • Fluency in written English.


  • Experience managing federal grants, specifically from NSF.
  • Interest or experience in STEM education or science communication.
  • Experience with a web content management system, such as Drupal.
  • Experience working in or with nonprofit organizations.
  • Ability to work with a small team.

ASTC Commitment to Diversity, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Equity

ASTC values and celebrates the rich diversity that makes up the teams and organizations we serve and the broader communities we engage around the world. At the root of science, technology, and innovation are fundamental values that ASTC embraces: a commitment to seek out and engage a diversity of ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, disciplines, knowledge systems, and approaches; and an evolving practice of accepting, valuing, and celebrating contributions, discoveries, and novel solutions, regardless of their source. We bring these values to bear across our work, and we seek teammates, board and committee members, and partners who hold diversity, accessibility, inclusion, and equity as foundational and essential values. If all people are welcomed, respected, and included in our work, if everyone has access to opportunity to pursue their aspirations, and if all people can participate fully and actively in creating and building the future, our association, our members, and our global society will be more equitable, prosperous, just, and resilient.

ASTC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment free of discrimination and harassment. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, pregnancy status (including childbirth, lactation, and related medical conditions), gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation, age, disability status, marital status, parental status, military service, veteran status, or any applicable legally protected characteristics.

Compensation and Benefits

The salary range is $50,000–$65,000 per year, contingent on experience and qualifications. ASTC offers employees a comprehensive benefits package, including health, dental, disability, and life insurance, and an employer-funded retirement plan.

Download a PDF of the job description.