Update On CAISE-Related Urls

September 26th, 2013

As of this month, CAISE is no longer operating our old website, insci.org. That site now redirects to informalscience.org. Please update your links accordingly, and please also note the following about CAISE-related sites:

  • The ISE Evidence Wiki now redirects to the Evidence Wiki in the Research section of informalscience.org.
  • The Informal Commons (informalcommons.org) remains live. The Informal Commons searches across more than a dozen different sites serving ISE professionals, including informalscience.org. It can also be searched from the informalscience.org home page—just select “Informal Commons” from the drop-down menu in the search bar. Learn more about the Informal Commons here.
  • The old version of informalscience.org is available at archive.informalscience.org. Resources on the old site are currently being cataloged on the new site. New resources are being added to the new site only.
  • CAISE email addresses at insci.org (for example, info@caise.insci.org) are no longer in use.

Please update your CAISE email addresses to caise@informalscience.org