Rethinking Schools: Call for Science Submissions

October 25th, 2016

Rethinking Schools has a Science Submissions Committee, made up of science teachers and teacher educators who are working with us to strengthen Rethinking Schools‘ coverage of science issues. They put out one call last year and are issuing another.
The committee writes: 
“Rethinking Schools needs more articles that focus on science. We are looking for submissions that show what engaging students’ sense of equity and justice looks, sounds, and feels like through the teaching of science. We seek justice-centered, equity-oriented, story-rich, and critical articles that describe science teaching and curriculum in PK-12 classrooms, community spaces, or PK-12 teacher preparation.”
Have ideas? Read the committee’s full appeal here. Inquiries can be sent to
Rethinking Schools depends on teachers, teacher educators, and activists to share their experiences in the pages of the magazine. Please consider joining the community of Rethinking Schools writers.