What Are School-Age Children Learning from Hands-On Science Center Exhibits?

January 1st, 1992 | RESEARCH

This paper shares research findings that explore the link between conceptual understanding, free exploration of hands-on science center exhibits, and Piagetian cognitive developmental levels. Implications on museum exhibits and field trip experiences are examined as well.



Team Members

Robert Boram, Author, Morehead State University


Identifier Type: issn
Identifier: 1064-5578

Publication: Visitor Studies
Volume: 4
Number: 1
Page(s): 121


Audience: Elementary School Children (6-10) | Evaluators | Middle School Children (11-13) | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Education and learning science | General STEM | Mathematics | Physics
Resource Type: Peer-reviewed article | Research Products
Environment Type: Exhibitions | Museum and Science Center Exhibits