What Afterschool STEM Does Best: How Stakeholders Describe Youth Learning Outcomes

October 1st, 2013 | RESEARCH

Although stakeholders agree that afterschool STEM education can be powerful, there is less agreement on the critical question of which aspects of STEM education the afterschool field is best positioned to support. Hence, in spring 2012, the Afterschool Alliance undertook a study to ask afterschool stakeholders what aspects of STEM learning the field is best positioned to support. The aim of the Afterschool STEM Outcomes Study was to identify consensus views on appropriate and feasible outcomes and indicators for afterschool STEM programs. The study provides a realistic vision of the field’s potential for supporting student learning, a vision that can inform policy decisions and evaluation design.


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Team Members

Anita Krishnamurthi, Author, Afterschool Alliance
Bronwyn Bevan, Author, The Exploratorium
Jen Rinehart, Author, Afterschool Alliance
Vicky Ragan Coulon, Author, Evaluation & Research Associates


Publication: Afterschool Matters
Volume: 18
Page(s): 42

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