Wellcome Global Monitor: How does the world feel about science and health?

June 19th, 2019 | RESEARCH

Health is a personal experience, a social issue and a global concern. Any attempt to improve health, whether through new treatments, policies or procedures, will be most effective when patients and the public are engaged. No matter how great your idea or how robust your science, it still has to be accepted by the people who stand to benefit from it. Most of the time, that will mean someone putting their trust in healthcare professionals and the science and technologies that underpin modern medicine. Wellcome Global Monitor is the largest study to date into global attitudes to science and health. Having collected responses from more than 140,000 people in over 140 countries, it offers a wealth of information about people’s interest and trust in science in almost every part of the world.

Appendix includes questionnaire.


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Team Members

Simon Chaplin, Contributor, Wellcome Trust
Imran Khan, Contributor
Hilary Leevers, Contributor
Philomena Gibbons, Contributor
Lara Clements, Contributor
Ethan Greenwood, Contributor
Hannah Skilton, Contributor
Hannah Franklin, Contributor
Andrew Rzelpa, Contributor
Hania Farhan, Contributor
Andrew Dugan, Contributor
Pablo Diego-Rosell, Contributor
Steve Crabtree, Contributor
Julie Ray, Contributor
Priscilla Standridge, Contributor
Zaac Ritter, Contributor, Gallup


Funding Source: Wellcome Trust

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