Thinkering Space, an Experiment in Exploratory Learning

January 1st, 2008 | RESEARCH

Multimodal technologies are creating new experiential opportunities for exploring, tinkering, learning and interacting in the virtual world. Once combined with sensorial objects and open-ended activities in the physical world, they introduce a new genre of interactive environments called ThinkeringSpace. ThinkeringSpace is a hybrid system - made of networked and remotely accessible physical environments - that seeks to bring school-age children together to collaborate face-to-face and tinker with things, both physical and virtual, reflect upon what they do and discover, and elaborate their ideas in ways they can share with others. This article gives an overview of the ThinkeringSpace system and introduces some of the major concepts and interaction frameworks that have grounded its ongoing development.


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Team Members

Heloisa Moura, Author, Illinois Institute of Technology
Dale Fahnstrom, Author, Illinois Institute of Technology
Greg Prygrocki, Author, Illinois Institute of Technology
T.J. McLeish, Author, Illinois Institute of Technology


Identifier Type: issn
Identifier: 1447-9494

Publication: International Journal of Learning
Volume: 15
Number: 6
Page(s): 147

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