Teacher roles during amusement park visits – insights from observations, interviews and questionnaires

June 11th, 2015 | RESEARCH

Amusement parks offer rich possibilities for physics learning, through observations and experiments that illustrate important physical principles and often involve the whole body. Amusement parks are also among the most popular school excursions, but very often the learning possibilities are underused. In this work we have studied different teacher roles and discuss how universities, parks or event managers can encourage and support teachers and schools in their efforts to make amusement park visits true learning experiences for their students.


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Team Members

National Resource Center for Physics Education, Contributor
Ann-Marie Pendrill, Principal Investigator, National Resource Centre for Physics Education
Cecilia Kozma, Author, Stockholm University
Andreas Theve, Author, Grona Lund


Identifier Type: isbn
Identifier: ISBN 978-80-7378-266-5

Publication: ICPE-EPEC 2013 The International Conference on Physics Education: Active learning – in a changing world of new technologies
Page(s): 591

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