Science, Society, and Technology–Three Cultures and Multiple Visions

September 1st, 2003 | RESEARCH

The article reviews the strikingly divergent viewpoints of intellectuals—scientists and non-scientists—about “Science” and “Technology.” It shows that while scientists implicitly accept the difference between “Science” and “Technology,” to non-scientists that difference is irrelevant. The most important differences between “Science” and “Technology” that lie in their relative scales, outputs and accuracy of predictions are highlighted. The complexity of and difficulty in trying to quantify the contribution of science and technology to economic growth are discussed. Views of science and technology that include their societal perceptions are recommended.


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Team Members

Sumit Bhaduri, Author, Reliance Industries Limited


Identifier Type: issn
Identifier: 1059-0145

Publication: Journal of Science Education & Technology
Volume: 12
Number: 3
Page(s): 303

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