The Science Learning Ecosystem

August 1st, 2015 | RESEARCH

There is a revolution occurring in how, when, where and even why people learn science. Learning today is continuous and on-demand. Learners of all ages seek science educational experiences from myriad sources and across multiple platforms – while at home, on weekends and even while on vacation. Unlike in the past, most science learning today is free-choice, driven primarily by an individual’s needs and interests. In fact, research indicates that much of the current disparity in a person’s science literacy derives from inequities in access to quality out-of-classroom learning opportunities. Schools remain important components of the new science education ecosystem, but increasingly important are informal educational institutions and resources such as public libraries, museums and national parks.


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John H Falk, Author, Oregon State University

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STEM Learning in Libraries: A National Conference on Needs, Opportunities, and Future Directions


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