Project Exploration’s Environmental Adventurers: Amplifying Urban Youth Agency, Identity and Capacity with Mobile Technology

March 27th, 2015 | RESEARCH

Project Exploration’s week-long summer Environmental Adventurers program immersed eleven Chicago Public School middle and high school students into the world of urban bees and biodiversity research. We employed a place-based approach to ground learning experiences and exploration within uniquely urban spaces. Students used mobile technology to explore the environment, document native bees, and engage in authentic fieldwork research and data analysis. Students maximized the potential of the technology in ways that forced program leaders to rethink the potential of mobile technology as an amplifier rather than simply an enabler.


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Team Members

Jameela Jafri, Author
Gabrielle Lyon, Author
Stephanie Madziar, Author
Rebecca Tonietto, Author
Project Exploration, Contributor
Chicago Botanic Garden, Contributor
Northwestern University, Author


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Identifier: 978-1-312-98125-6

Publication: Mobile Media Learning: Innovation and Inspiration
Page(s): 145

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