Private and public memories of Expo 67: a case study of recollections of Montreal’s World’s Fair, 40 years after the event

March 1st, 2008 | RESEARCH

This paper discusses the results of a long-term memory study in which fifty visitors to Expo 67 (25 participants from British Columbia and 25 from Quebec) shared their recollections of their personal experience forty years after the event. The impetus for this study stems from a desire to understand the long-term impact of visitors' experience in informal, leisure-time contexts, and, particularly in large-scale exhibitions. This paper presents and discusses outcomes that elucidate the nature of personal memories of Expo 67 and in relation to the collective memory of cultural events/productions.


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Team Members

David Anderson, Author, University of British Columbia
Viviane Gosselin, Author, University of British Columbia


Publication: Museum & Soceity
Volume: 6
Number: 1
Page(s): 1

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