Partnership for a Nation of Learners: Joining Forces, Creating Value

June 1st, 2009 | RESEARCH

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Institute of Museum and Library Services—recognizing an opportunity to leverage our shared public service missions— joined forces on a leadership initiative to help public broadcasters, libraries, and museums collaborate on the local level to meet community needs. This initiative resulted in the funding of 20 Community Collaboration projects. The Partnership for a Nation of Learners: Joining Forces, Creating Value report provides grantee success stories that can guide local organizations who would like to collaborate on behalf of their communities. The Partnership for a Nation of Learners leadership initiative affirms that communities and institutions benefit through multi-institutional collaborations. The partnerships featured in the report are examples of how, working together, organizations are far more effective than working alone. As this report indicates, these library, museum, and public broadcasting partnerships addressed and responded to important community issues such as childhood asthma, diabetes, drug and alcohol abuse, English language literacy, and access to GED programs. Some partnerships involved the entire community in science literacy activities; other initiatives strengthened communities with cultural heritage projects focusing on local history. At IMLS and CPB we know that partnerships can help create vibrant, energized communities. Libraries, museums, and public broadcasting licensees are valuable and respected assets trusted by the public. Further, together, they have an important role to play ensuring our democracy comprises an informed and educated citizenry, by providing lifelong learning opportunities for everyone.


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Dan Kulpinski, Author, Institute of Museum and Library Services

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