Part 1: Where Do We Go From Here?

January 1st, 1992 | RESEARCH

In this paper, Minda Borun of the Franklin Institute Science Museum responds to questions raised by Harris Shettel during the opening session at the 1991 Visitor Studies Conference. Borun explains why the status of museum evaluation is "definitely improving," offers important research questions to consider, distinguishes between research and evaluation, and answers the lingering question, "Where do we go from here?" by summarizing the thoughts of several speakers who attended the conference.



Team Members

Minda Borun, Author, Franklin Institute Science Museum


Identifier Type: issn
Identifier: 1064-5578

Publication: Visitor Studies
Volume: 4
Number: 1
Page(s): 268


Audience: Evaluators | General Public | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Education and learning science
Resource Type: Peer-reviewed article | Research Products
Environment Type: Exhibitions