Making Science Matter: Collaborations Between Informal Science Education Organizations and Schools

March 1st, 2010 | RESEARCH

This white paper is the product of the CAISE Formal-Informal Partnerships Inquiry Group, which began work during a July 2008 ISE Summit organized by CAISE. Their examination of what the authors call "the hybrid nature of formal-informal collaborations" draws on relevant theoretical perspectives and a series of case studies to highlight ways in which the affordances of formal and informal settings can be combined and leveraged to create rich, compelling, authentic, and engaging science that can be systematically developed over time and settings.



Team Members

Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE), Contributor
Bronwyn Bevan, Author, Exploratorium
Justin Dillon, Author, King's College London
George Hein, Author, Lesley University
Maritza Macdonald, Author, American Museum of Natural History
Vera Michalchik, Author, SRI International
Diane Miller, Author, Saint Louis Science Center
Dolores Root, Author, New Visions for Public Schools
Lorna Rudder-Kilkenny, Author, Queens Public Library
MARIA XANTHOUDAKI, Author, National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci
Susan Yoon, Author, University of Pennsylvania


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 0638981
Funding Amount: 5500856

Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 1212803
Funding Amount: 1182597

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