Learning In and Out of School in Diverse Environments: Life-long, Life-wide, Life-deep

January 1st, 2007 | RESEARCH

Learning In and Out of School in Diverse Environments is the product of a two-year project during which a panel convened by the LIFE Center (an NSF Science of Learning Center) and the Center for Multicultural Education identified important principles that educational practitioners, policy makers, and future researchers can use to build upon the learning that occurs in the homes and community cultures of students from diverse groups. This report lays out an argument for focusing on cross setting learning as key to equity in STEM education.


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Team Members

The LIFE Center (The Learning in Informal and Formal Enivronments Center), Contributor
University of Washington, Contributor
James Banks, Author
Kathryn Au, Author
Arnetha Ball, Author
Philip Bell, Author
Edmund Gordon, Author
Kris Gutierrez, Author
Shirley Heath, Author
Carol Lee, Author
Yuhshi Lee, Author
Jabari Mahiri, Author
Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Author
Guadalupe Valdes, Author
Min Zhou, Author

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