Clusters of Informal Science Education Projects: From Public Understanding of Science to Public Engagement with Science

September 9th, 2013 | RESEARCH

McCallie et al. (2009) propose that two pedagogical models within informal science education, public understanding of science and public engagement with science, constitute a continuum rather than separate paradigms. This chapter seeks to understand the spread of informal science education projects along this continuum and uncover groupings through the creation of a project catalog. Through cluster analysis, it was found that the submitted projects fell into four categories along the spectrum: expert presentations and Q&A sessions about the natural and designed world; exhibits encouraging dialogue; programs featuring inquiry and experimentation; and dialogues about societal impacts, values, and policy.


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Team Members

Elizabeth Kollmann, Author, Museum of Science, Boston
Larry Bell, Author, Museum of Science, Boston
Marta Beyer, Author, Museum of Science, Boston
Stephanie Iacovelli, Author, Museum of Science, Boston


Publication: Little by Little - Expansions of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies
Page(s): 66

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