Changing practices, changing identities as museum educators: From didactic telling to scaffolding in the zpd

September 1st, 2012 | RESEARCH

The main goal of this chapter is to describe how research findings on a scaffolded, focused, reflection-oriented community of practice transformed museum educators’ identities as educators. A second goal is to describe the theory, the multiple methodologies drawing on that theory, and the layered analysis that accompanied this research. The authors' theoretical lens is sociocultural, placing great emphasis on community building, dialogic negotiation, and ongoing reflection and research on practice.


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Team Members

Doris Ash, Author, University of California-Santa Cruz
Judith Lombana, Author, Museum of Science and Industry


Identifier Type: isbn
Identifier: 9789460917233

Publication: Understanding Interactions at Science Centers and Museums: Approaching Sociocultural Perspectives
Page(s): 27

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