Aesthetigrams: Mapping Aesthetic Experiences

May 1st, 1998 | RESEARCH

A strategy for heightening university students' awareness within aesthetic encounters is described. The strategy, called aesthetigrams, is the focus of on going qualitative research, the purpose of which is to improve teaching and learning in regard to aesthetics-in-the-classroom. A more long-term research goal is discussed briefly. It addresses the possibility for a definition of aesthetic experience to be derived from student-produced records of their encounters.


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Team Members

Boyd White, Author, McGill University


Publication: Studies in Art Education
Volume: 39
Number: 4
Page(s): 321

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Audience: Educators | Teachers | Undergraduate | Graduate Students
Discipline: Art | music | theater | Education and learning science
Resource Type: Peer-reviewed article | Research Products
Environment Type: Higher Education Programs | Informal | Formal Connections