Develop Projects, Discover Research and Design Evaluation

Informal science education (ISE) is lifelong learning in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that takes place across a multitude of designed settings and experiences outside of the formal classroom. Potential informal STEM education projects encompass a wide range of experiences and platforms including film and broadcast media; science centers and museums; zoos and aquaria; digital media and gaming; science journalism; botanical gardens and nature centers; youth, community and afterschool programs; libraries; science festivals, and more. If you are working in or plan to develop a project in one of these settings you may be eligible for funding from the NSF’s AISL program or other federal, local and private funders who support this type of work.

  • Projects: Understand the field, collaborate with community, project stories.
  • Research: Understand research and integrating research into practice.
  • Evaluation: Work with an evaluator, develop an evaluation plan, tools and instruments, reporting and dissemination, professional associations.
  • Examples: Read summaries of projects NSF AISL has funded over the years.