ZOOM– Season Six

January 1st, 2003 - August 31st, 2005 | PROJECT

WGBH Educational Foundation is requesting $1,261,934, or 33% of a total project budget of $3,835,236, to produce 20 new shows and new outreach and Web activities for" ZOOM." Targeted to kids ages 8 to 11, "ZOOM" is a daily, half-hour PBS series featuring an assortment of games, riddles, investigations, recipes and poems -- all based on materials sent in by its young viewers. Uniquely by and for kids," ZOOM" gives its viewers a chance to explore, experiment and share their creativity. "ZOOM's" science and math segments (30% of each half-hour show) give kids opportunities to explore scientific and mathematical ideas, concepts and phenomena. The goals for Season VI are to: (1) expand "ZOOM's" engineering curriculum; (2) develop two new content areas--Sports Science, and Perception and Sensation; (3) create new partnerships with FIRST LEGO League and Girl Scouts of USA; and, (4) conduct summative evaluation to continue to gauge "ZOOM's" effectiveness at teaching math and science to targeted audiences. Outreach for the project will include print materials for kids, families and educators. "ZOOM"-related activities at community-based organization include 590 ClubZOOM science afterschool programs and 21 ZOOMzone science museum exhibits. The 2,400-page interactive web site is updated weekly. "ZOOM" currently is carried by 170 public broadcasting stations and is viewed by close to 6 million children per week. The program receives 24,000 letters and e-mails per week; the web site attracts an average of 14,000 visitors per month.

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ZoomSciTraining: Learn to Lead Science Activities Evaluation

Team Members

Kate Taylor, Principal Investigator, WGBH


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 0229796
Funding Amount: 1261934


Audience: Educators | Teachers | Elementary School Children (6-10) | Families | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Engineering | General STEM | Life science | Mathematics
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