SQUARE ONE TV: Two Additional Seasons of Mathematics Programs for Children on Television — Children’s Television Workshop

September 15th, 1987 - February 28th, 1991 | PROJECT

Children's Television Workshop (CTW) will produce two additional seasons of SQUARE ONE TV, a daily series of mathematics for children aged 8-12. The first season of 75 half-hour shows premiered on public television stations in January 1987. The second and third seasons will each consist of 65 programs to capitalize on the success of Season I and compound its educational utility. SQUARE ONE TV has three goals: to promote positive attitudes toward, and enthusiasm for, mathematics; to encourage the use and application of problem solving processes; and to present sound mathematical content in an interesting, accessible and meaningful manner. Based on preliminary research results, the series appears to be meeting these goals. The series has attracted a substantial audience from throughout the country during its initial season, and a very positive reception from mathematicians, parents, teachers, and the press. Most importantly, the target-aged children are enjoying and learning from the series. The goals and content for additional seasons will basically remain the same, with refinements made as research results are assembled and digested by in house staff in conjunction with mathematics advisors. Production plans will take advantage of the learning experiences acquired from Season I. The additional seasons of SQUARE ONE TV will be supported by a full range of promotion, community outreach activities and school services, including teacher's guides. Season II should be ready to air in September 1988. The highly skilled production team responsible for season I remains in place: Dave Connell, Vice President and Executive Producer, CTW; Dr. Keith Mielke, Vice President for Research, CTW; Dr. Joel Schneider, Content Director, SQUARE ONE TV; and Bettina Peel, Director of Research, SQUARE ONE TV. An 18 member National Advisory Board is chaired by Dr. Gerald Lesser, Bigelow Professor of Education and Developmental Psychology at Harvard, and more than 15 additional distinguished mathematicians, scientists, and educators serve as project consultants. With the addition of SQUARE ONE TV to the existing 3-2-1 Contact science series, america's children now have a full hour a day of math and science learning opportunity at home. Continued development of SQUARE ONE TV mathematics programs is essential to sustain our national commitment for improved mathematics and scientific literacy for our young. An award of an additional $3,000,000 for FY87 and $3,000,000 for FY88 is recommended.

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Team Members

David Connell, Principal Investigator, Sesame Workshop
Keith Mielke, Co-Principal Investigator, Sesame Workshop
Bettina Peel, Co-Principal Investigator, Sesame Workshop
Joel Schneider, Co-Principal Investigator, Sesame Workshop


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 8751503
Funding Amount: 7759893


Audience: Educators | Teachers | Elementary School Children (6-10) | Middle School Children (11-13) | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Mathematics
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