Providing Access to Scientific Awareness for Minority Populations by Changing the Paradigm — A Planning Grant

May 1st, 2007 - April 30th, 2010 | PROJECT

This planning grant is designed to increase science literacy in Native Americans by developing education materials for families that incorporate both a tribal worldview and western science. The intended impacts include an increased value of scientific awareness, acquisition of scientific principles using intergerational learning and enhanced science literacy. The project deliverables include nine toolboxes that will contain tested STEM activities and two planning booklets. Project partners include the Northwest Indian College and the Mt. Baker School District. Strategic impact will be realized through the development of culturally sensitive strategies that can be used to engage Native audiences.

Project Website(s)

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Team Members

Donia Edwards, Principal Investigator, Nooksack Indian Tribe


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 0651590
Funding Amount: 75000


Audience: Families | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Engineering | General STEM | Mathematics | Technology
Resource Type: Project Descriptions
Environment Type: Community Outreach Programs | Public Programs