Naturalist Scientist As Artist

October 1st, 2014 - September 30th, 2016 | PROJECT

The L.C. Bates Museum will provide 1,700 rural fourth grade students and their families museum-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) educational programming including integrated naturalist, astronomy, and art activities that explore Maine's environment and its solar and lunar interactions. The project will include a series of eight classroom programs, family field trips, TV programs, family and classroom self-guided educational materials, and exhibitions of project activities including student work. By bringing programs to schools and offering family activities and field trips, the museum will be able to engage an underserved, mostly low-income population that would otherwise not be able to visit the museum. The museum's programming will address teachers' needs for museum objects and interactive explorations that enhance student learning and new Common Core science curriculum objectives, while offering students engaging learning experiences and the opportunity to develop 21st century leadership skills.

Project Website(s)

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Team Members

Deborah Staber, Principal Investigator, Good Will Home Association


Funding Source: IMLS
Funding Program: Museums for America
Award Number: MA-10-14-0305-14
Funding Amount: $27,994


Access and Inclusion: Low Socioeconomic Status | Rural
Audience: Elementary School Children (6-10) | Families | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Art | music | theater | General STEM | Life science | Space science
Resource Type: Project Descriptions | Projects
Environment Type: Broadcast Media | Exhibitions | Informal | Formal Connections | K-12 Programs | Media and Technology | Museum and Science Center Exhibits | Museum and Science Center Programs | Public Programs