The Human Blueprint

June 10th, 2000 - November 30th, 2002 | PROJECT

WGBH is producing a two-hour NOVA special that will examine the scientific undertaking to decipher all three billion letters of the human genetic code. The program will take viewers inside the labs where this effort is going on and will examine the difficult decisions that are arising from our growing understanding of the human genome. The central narrative thread in "The Human Blueprint" is the extraordinary race now going on between two teams striving to be the first to read, or "sequence," the human genome. On one side is the official Human Genome Project, funded by the federal government and coordinated by the National Human Genome Research Institute; on the other side is private industry, in the form of a well-financed company run by a biologist with a long track record of finding quicker, cheaper ways to plumb the secrets of the genetic code. To support the extended use of the series, "The Human Blueprint" will be featured in the NOVA teachers guide and will be the subject of an enhanced Web sit at NOVA Online. The Executive Producer for the programs will be Paula Apsell, Executive Producer for NOVA, and the series will be produced by Elizabeth Arledge who has produced science programming for WGBH, WNET and CBS News. Dr. Joseph Levine will serve as science consultant to "The Human Blueprint" and will work with the producer to plan program research, suggest sequence possibilities, review program treatments and critique the film at early stages. Dr. Levine has a Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University and served as the science editor for the WGBH series "The Secret of Life." Advisors to the series include: W. French Anderson, Professor of Biochemistry and Pediatrics and the Director of Gene Therapy Laboratories at the University of Southern California School of Medicine; David Baltimore, President of the California Institute of Technology and Chairman of the NIH AIDS Vaccine Research Committee; Paul Berg, Director of the Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Research at Stanford University; Robin Blatt, Founder of the Genetic Resource at the Massachusetts Health Research Institute; David Blumenthal, Director of the Institute for Health Policy and Professor of Medicine and Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Robert Cook-Deegan, Director of the National Cancer Policy Board, Institute of Medicine and the Commission on Life Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences; Ronald G. Crystal, Director of the Gene Therapy Core facility at Cornell University Medical College; Georgia M. Dunston, Professor of Microbiology and Acting Director of the National Human Genome Center at Howard University; Philip R. Reilly, Executive Director of the Shriver Center for Mental Retardation; Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Vice President of Research and Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University.

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Paula Apsell, Principal Investigator, WGBH


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