Global Warming Exhibition and Interpretive Programs

August 1st, 1991 - January 31st, 1994 | PROJECT

The American Museum of Natural History and the Environmental Defense Fund will produce a major exhibition on global warming. The prospect of global warming is viewed by many with increasing attention and concern, but conflicting reports have resulted in public confusion about predictions of climate change. Thus, a need exists for education on this timely subject, particularly in the direct and vivid way that only an exhibition provides. Wide-spread awareness of the significance of potential climate change will lead to making informed decisions and taking necessary actions regarding this complex and serious problem. Visitors will learn about the forces that drive climate change, the sources and properties of greenhouse gases, how scientists study climate, and debates on the accuracy of global warming predictions. The exhibition will also focus on potential environmental, social, and economic consequences of global warming and what choices individuals and nations can make to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Visitors will be able to explore these topics in depth and integrate the information with personal experience. The exhibition will present scientific data objectively, clearly distinguishing between what is known and what is predicted. The American Museum and EDF will produce scientific symposia, educational programs, and publications for greater outreach to general visitors, schools and the media. Consultants will monitor and evaluate the content and design, from planning through fabrication and display, to ensure the educational effectiveness of the exhibition.

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Team Members

Samuel Taylor, Principal Investigator, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Stephanie Pfirman, Co-Principal Investigator, Environmental Defense Fund


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 9150138
Funding Amount: 1001278


Audience: General Public | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Climate | Ecology | forestry | agriculture | Geoscience and geography | Nature of science
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